Sunday, 17 January 2010


Hi all i just wanted to share some cards with you. I have never been one for making cards before but i am really getting into making them please let me know what you think ...

should i stick to scrapbooking lol well the snow has gone here for now but they say more is on its way oh so not good it feels great going to work at 5am not having to worry about how bad the roads will be

i hope all of you are finding time to scrap hugs and happy scrapping xx


Conchin said...

Nice designs!!

Sarah xx said...

Lovely cards Stephanie, you can see your scrapbook designerness coming thru!! I feel the same about cards, want to have a go but they never look very good, will defo stick to 12 x 12 LOs!! xxx

Heidi Kelley said...

Steph, the cards are GORGEOUS!!!

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Lou Collins said...

These are lovely cards, I love the colours!
Lou XX

Jamie said...

Awesome cards Steph!! You can do anything my friend:):)

Vel said...

I love your cards! You're so multi-talented!

Lynn Biermann said...

Those are fantastic! Just beautiful! :)