Saturday, 10 October 2009


Hi all just like i promised my exploding box with a free template and instructions are on sale now in scrapbook magazine. But first let me apologise about the spelling of the word autumn it looks to all of you that i have missed a U out but i haven't it is behind the tree i did this so my lettering was symmetrical it just so happens i forgot to incorporate this into my article.

So i am so sorry it is not clear on what i have done and i feel so bad in not telling you i needed to let you all know about this and that it was worded for that reason I am very sorry to scrapbook magazine for this and hope this will not cause you too many problems

Few with that being said how many times have i said this......... i am not clever just creative Lol

I hope you will all enjoy making this exploding box and cant wait to see all your beautiful creations HUGS AND HAPPY SCRAPPING XX


FAUSTA said...

SO AMAZING ! it's wonderful

Jamie said...

Awesome box Stephanie! Fabuloous job!

celia said...

Hi Stepfanie,I've got something on my blog for you!Congrats!

Jodi said...

Hi Stephanie,

Absolutely GEORGEOUS BOX !!!!

I have a ? about the box. Can you email me please. I don't want to ask the ? in the blog.


Scrappycath said...


This is great news! I've been waiting to here about this!! Just one question... how do I get a copy of the magazine/template?

Michelle said...

Which mag. are they in? I just love the box it is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Please message me at with the answer if you can